The main objective of the ReN project is to bring closer researchers with the Greek society aiming to attract more young people into research careers and to contribute to create a more favourite environment for the researchers. Therefore, the aim of the ReN project is to enhance public recognition of researchers and their role in Greek society.

The target group for this activity is the large public in Greece, without any distinction of social categories, educational level, gender, age, etc. Nevertheless, different subcategories like kids, teen-agers, young people, adults, teachers, parents, “ordinary people”, researchers, entrepreneurs, politicians are to be reached as parts of the general public:

To achieve these general scopes, the project focuses on the following detailed objectives:

  • Raise public awareness in order to develop a positive image of the researcher’s profession. Additionally, the existed ReN2006 web portal was updated before the Researchers' Night events; press, TV and Radio were used for the promotion of the events, as well. Further more, a plethora of printed promotional material was prepared so as to be disseminated during to the public throughout the duration of the project.
  • A broad range of pleasant and informative entertainment activities are planned in order to actively involve all visitors.

 ReN Project is supporter by the European Commission